Trend-setting: The Food Report 2021


Where is the gastronomic trend heading - even in the face of this crisis? Will more orders be placed online and what kind of food will even be in demand, given the megatrends of health and neo-ecology? An indispensable reading tip.

The new Food Report 2021 analyses the system-relevant food sector, shows the changes in everyday gastronomy and illustrates how food is developing after Corona. The book does not come cheaply, but it is certainly worth it. Because it contains important findings and analyses of food trends, which are also examined for their crisis resilience by the renowned industry expert Hanni Rützler. It also contains various key topics such as Biodiversity - The future of food lies in diversity. Or Liquid Evolution - Drink better, drink more beautifully, drink healthier.

“What the Rützlers Food Report says is what food producers, cooking magazines and restaurateurs are preparing for (fire one).”

Publication date: 7 Sept 2020