We are as flexible as you need to be right now


Temporary openings, permits for no usually licensed outdoor spaces, extended investment incentives - during the Corona pandemic, the flexible solutions are high in demand. Good thing we at Meissl have plenty of them.

The best news first: Numerous investment subsidies for outdoor gastronomy have been extended in Germany, Austria and France. This often comes hand in hand with temporary permits for areas that would otherwise not necessarily be released. What comes in handy in such situations are Meissl's mobile and thus highly flexible solutions for short-term or seasonal use.

All these solutions require no foundation and can quickly be set up, dismantled and stored. The offer ranges from free-standing umbrellas with mobile ground stands to mobile umbrella benches and mobile wind walls that can securely be fixed with integrated benches, tables, flower troughs or neutral weights. Coordinated standards enable large-scale roofing by combining the individual components and offer all the possibilities of comprehensive weather protection for use at any time and anywhere. And of course Meissl also offers the appropriate transport and storage solutions.

Publication date: 9 Apr 2021