We don't do things halfway – or do we?


One product exemplifies Meissl's wealth of ideas and our competence in finding solutions: The half-umbrella - e.g. as an ideal solution when there is little space on a terrace or balcony. There are still many who haven’t heard about this groundbreaking innovation from Meissl.

The half-umbrella is becoming increasingly popular wherever architects and planning offices are looking for a solution for smaller terraces or balconies. Because nothing is better suited as a space-saving and elegant alternative to an awning. And as a perfect connection to buildings when there are no mounting options, for example on glass facades. What distinguishes half-umbrellas from Meissl is the usual stability for demanding use as well as the countless individual size and design options. And of course, you can get one or several half-umbrellas with lighting, radiant heaters or sound systems - so that even the half-umbrella becomes a well-rounded affair.

Just like the half umbrella, there are numerous other detailed solutions from Meissl for all the complex needs found in practice in hospitality, retail or in public spaces. For example, our higher- and lowerable wind walls, heatable base plates or the pull-up protective cover have set industry standards. Just ask us, we will be happy to advise you. And if there is no solution for your needs and challenges yet, we will find it!

Publication date: 10 Apr 2021